This program is a collaborative effort between the Texas AgriLife Extension, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

Dear Texas Master Naturalist Program Applicant:

We would like to invite you to become involved in an exciting program for Tarrant and Parker counties - the CROSS TIMBERS CHAPTER of the Texas Master Naturalist Program. The mission of this program is to develop and certify a group of well-informed adult volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated toward the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within our ecosystem community.

This program will furnish participants with essential information and strategies to restore and conserve our indigenous species and habitats. Throughout the training classes, local experts will cover interesting topics about our natural resources and lead hands-on field trips to local ecosystems. Specific class and field trip topics are listed in the Class Schedule. Texas Master Naturalist trainees may select from a wide variety of approved local projects to volunteer their time. Projects may include habitat restoration, native plant rescues, prairie seed collection, school habitats, educational presentations, or projects of your own design.

To become a Certified Texas Master Naturalist of the CROSS TIMBERS Chapter, trainees must fulfill the following requirements:


Attendance at all training classes, including field trips

40 hours minimum of volunteer service on approved projects in Tarrant or Parker counties within a year and reported online using the Volunteer Management System (VMS)

8 hours of advanced training in approved classes within a year and reported online using the VMS System

Payment of annual dues (dues for 2018 are included in class fee)

Signing of an online liability waiver and cleared background check

To maintain active status, Texas Master Naturalists must complete the following annually:


40 hours of volunteer service on approved projects and reported online using the VMS System

8 hours of advanced training in approved classes and reported online using the VMS System

Payment of dues in a timely manner

Selection criteria include: Interest in the program, availability for volunteer service, and commitment to stewardship of our natural resources. A maximum of twenty-five applicants will be selected to attend the program. Upon selection, training classes will be held from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. each Tuesday and field trips on Saturdays, starting August 21, 2018, at the Ft. Worth Nature Center & Refuge. If selected, you will receive confirmation and will be expected to send a check, the day you are selected, for $150.00 to Cross Timbers Master Naturalists c/o Melinda Pajak, P.O. Box 471823, Ft Worth TX 76147.

Your application is not complete until you complete your Texas Master Naturalists online profile. Your will receive a username and password shortly after the Education Director receives your application.

We thank you for your interest in the Texas Master Naturalist Program. We look forward to your participation in this educational and beneficial volunteer program. Application deadline July 27, 2018. You will be contacted no later than August 10, 2018 about your acceptance to the training program.

If you have Questions or need Help email Melinda Pajak - Education Director at Please wait 24 hours for a volunteer to reply. If not replied or it just can not wait call Frank Keeney at 817-706-9518.

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